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Women's Health

Perinatal Nutrition

Family & Children's Health

Body Image & Eating Disorders

Founded by Dietitian Emily Rault, at Fresh Start For Life, we believe there is no time like the present for creating a new beginning. We empower you to harness self-motivation, confidence and happiness. We deeply understand the connection between holistic nutrition counselling and improving body, mind and soul well-being. 

We live in a day and age dominated by health, fitness, idealism and unrealistic lifestyles. Social media, TV, radio, friends, family and our community place huge pressures on us to look and be a certain way. Finding the right advice can be just as overwhelming.

Don't worry! We've got you! Fresh Start For Life will guide you to achieve your optimal wellness goals.

  • Peace of mind

  • Enjoyment of food

  • Nourishing your body

  • Balance of movement and play

  • Intuitive and mindful eating

  • Understanding of the link between nutrition and disease

With the introduction and teaching of simple lifestyle tailoring, these outcomes build a foundation for you to start a life filled with happiness, health and well-being that is true to you.

About us

Meet Emily

"Hi, I'm Emily, an expert in the field of nutrition, health and well-being.

"I accompany my clients on a journey to repair relationships with themselves, their body and food. I entertain a mindful and holistic view of what it means to be "healthy". I believe there is more to eating than just nourishing your body. We all eat an array of new and traditional foods within our cultures, social settings, travel adventures, during emotional rollercoasters, for meeting training requirements  and plenty more...so it certainly makes sense that there is no one way of eating! 

"Food can bring  you joy and well-being across all aspects of your life and you ABSOLUTELY deserve it."