Nutrition Ebook

 4 week meal guide.

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Why wait for January 1st to begin your new resolutions for self care? 

Let's get you started right now!

Your wellness priorities can be reflected upon at anytime! If nutrition is an aspect of your life that is super confusing...let this provide you with clarification!

Dietitian designed nutrition meal guide!

4 weeks of meal and snack ideas to help you find variety and structure in your daily food choices!

Over 50 recipes!

Fantastic for individuals, couples and families!

Our philosophy expresses the importance of self empowerment and mindfulness. We encourage each and every purchaser of our ebook, to use the tools provided to create a way of eating that best suits themselves, partners and families. This is not a restrictive meal plan. It is purely a resource to use as a foundation for learning to cook, nourish your body and enjoy food.  

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